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Generator algorithm last updated: March 18th, 2018

Our generators algorithm is updated on a daily basis meaning your account will always be safe and will NEVER get banned. Please see the text above to see when the generator was last updated.

Easy Steps

We have 4 easy steps to make the whole process nice and easy for our customers, simply read through the 4 steps and once you are sure you understand what to do click the “GO TO GENERATOR” which is located just below.

Step 01

Simply go to our generator page and enter your Pokemon GO username into the text box provided – Please ensure the entered username is correct otherwise this will not work.

Step 02

Select which platform you are using and make sure you turn on the proxy and encryption buttons, this will ensure your account remains safe, click connect when you are ready.

Step 03

We will now attempt to connect to the Pokemon servers using a secure encrypted connection, if connected correctly you will be able to choose from 3 poke coins packages. Select your desired package and click Generate.

Step 04

We will now begin generating your Pokemon coins and run our anti bot protection software. Some users may have to complete a simple survey to prove they are human, don’t worry it won’t take long and your coins will be delivered straight after.

Unlimited Uses

Our Services are unlimited meaning you and your friends and family are able to use our generator as many times as your heart desires. We have not yet put a cap on our Generator but can not say for sure if we will in the future when a larger demand of free Poke coins is there.

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Our Pokemon GO money hack is 100% safe and here is why, firstly we never require your password or any login details, the only piece of information we require from you is your username just so we know where to send the Poke Coins.

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Having trouble with your Incense? Not enough customization for your Trainer? In Pokemon GO, you can find yourself out of coins in no time, no matter the reason. And Niantic’s prices are just unfair, to say the least. We’ve got your back and we want to give you enough answers to “why” as possible:

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Speaking of scams, all other websites out there promising to hack Pokemon GO for you will eventually fail one way or another. The most common consequence is getting your account banned by Niantic’s countermeasures. Not with us! Not a single of our users has seen their sweet, hard-earned progress eliminated in the form of a permanent ban. Our algorithm is so subtle and safe, it can generate coins for you without ever incurring penalties. You think we’d risk our own personal Pokemon accounts if it wasn’t safe?

Safety is a top concern

We pride ourselves on the security of what we provide. First off, your account itself is safe since we don’t need your password or any other details except the username. We are careful about who we send the coins to. What’s more, 256-bit encryption means our servers are super secure and you won’t be susceptible to detection or fear for the loss of your data. Proxy connections offer an additional layer of safety and hide your digital footsteps as you rack up thousands of Pokemon Coins.

Still not convinced?

We have 3 more reasons below on why we think you should choose us, if this still isn’t enough be sure to check out our comments section by clicking here. The comments section allows people to leave there own review or even comment to try and get some support. Comments are usually replied to within 24 hours.

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We love what we do and we love Pokemon GO. This is why our website is the very best when it comes to hacking Pokemon GO. We started our adventure over a year ago, and never stopped since. We pride ourselves with what we’ve achieved and want to feel connected to those who enjoy our hack. Thus, we have a dedicated support section on-site, where you can leave your questions or suggestions. We’ll answer you in no time. Four members make up our little team, and we love it whenever a happy user replies to us, or someone has a concern. So don’t feel shy if you we’ve left something unclear.

It’s easy to setup and quick to deliver

Never before has there been a service such as ours that was easier to comprehend and get working. We provide all the complicated stuff, such as compiling the software and generating those sweet coins for you. All you have to do is follow our 4 easy steps. Just enter your username, select the platform on which you play, and pick any number of coins you wish to receive. We might ask you to complete a small survey, just to ensure you’re not trying to scam us – meaning we have to protect our servers from bots and malware. Once all this is finished, you’ll find yourself rich in-game.

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If we haven’t convinced you that this is the best Pokemon GO hack you can find, here’s something else for you: we don’t want money from you. Other hackers ask to open your wallet before providing the service. Even worse, you might end up with your wallet stolen altogether and not a single Pokemon Coin received. The cherry on top – having your account banned by Niantic. We’re the exception. We thought it wouldn’t be fair to ask you for money since the hack itself is meant to overcome the need of money in order to get Coins in-game. So make sure you use our generator and never again feel the need to look up how much Niantic charges nowadays for a few hundred coins. Your money’s no good here.