Welcome to our About us page, here we will explain a little about us as a company, how we was founded and a insight to us as a team. As you can probably imagine we are all Pokemon Go enthusiasts and love bringing you the FREE coins to help you in game and get you further than your friends and in some cases enemies. I would like to thank you personally for visiting our site and would urge you to send any problems / issues to our Contact Page. Have a great day!

How we was founded

We have a small team of four who work extremely hard to bring you a awesome service. We have two founders Jack and Ravi, one support member Louise and one technical guy called Mark who makes sure our Pokemon Go coin generator is working 24/7/365 to keep you guys happy and ahead of the competition.

Jack and myself have always wanted to own a site that offers a free service to the general public, it is so rewarding when we see people sending us emails thanking us and showing us what they were able to buy with our coin packs. It keeps us happy and the best thing about it is we are offering a service we also require and enjoy. Without money on Pokemon Go things can get a bit tough, a lot of people I know that play it have already spent over £50 on in game coins which in my eyes is a bit silly when there are Pokemon go hacks like ours available on the market.

This service will mean you will never have to reach in to your pocket again, well possibly to get your phone but not your wallet!

Why we created this site?

This is a very good question that has many answers, firstly I would start of by saying we love Pokemon and the concept of the game, we understand that it is just the beginning and I am certain there is a lot more Pokemon go have to offer in terms of updates and changes within the game. I find it nice to stick with a new game and see how it progresses and changes in the future, especially a game like Pokemon that has caught the world by surprise!

Secondly our team of four love giving out to people and making their day, we find it a very rewarding job working for Pokemon Go Hack and always appreciate any kind emails we receive as they go a very long way.

Last but not least we wanted to offer the less fortunate a way of receiving free Pokemon coins and showing of to their friends and family their achievements in game. Our service is here for one reason to please you Pokemon enthusiasts so get involved today and find out what you have been missing out on all this time!