1. Hey, I am new to the game, well fairly. I ran your generator but didn’t seem to get anything the first time. Before submitting an email I quickly tried it again in case I made an error and I received the Pokecoins straight away so maybe I made a mistake on my behalf? Anyway 100% genuine and would recommend to everyone who wants a boost!

    • If you wish you can get in contact with our support team with your username and we will look in to why you didn’t receive your money first time round. Anyway thanks for the review much appreicated, have a great day!

  2. Fantastic idea with the comments section, ill make sure mine is on topic haha. Just wanted to say I used the Pokemon go hack and it worked a treat, will be coming back soon for more as I am a very greedy person. I feel privileged to be the first comment, fortunately for you its a positive one 😀

  3. Final F***ing lee, a working generator I just had to say a great big thanks! Your guys are so generous and I will be back probably tomorrow! Thanks thanks thanks!

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